Alpecin Dandruff Killer Shampoo
Questions and answers

  1. What is special about Alpecin Dandruff Killer Shampoo?

    For the first time, the new formula against dandruff combines 4 active ingredients in one shampoo.

    Zinc pyrithion and piroctone olamine are effective against fungi, yeast and bacteria, which prevents new dandruff and restores the scalp’s natural balance.
    Salicylic acid and fumaric acid help remove existing dandruff. The scalp is smoothed, which reduces the colonization of microorganisms.

    It has been scientifically proven that dandruff is significantly reduced after just 2 weeks.

  2. What are the consequences of fungi bacteria and yeast if left untreated?

    Microorganisms feed on sebum from the scalp and may excrete substances that irritate the scalp. Permanent irritation does not just create discomfort such as scalp itch, but the scalp will react with increased dandruff. With chronic irritation, it may even become infected and react super sensitively.

  3. Is the Dandruff Killer Shampoo appropriate for daily use?

    Dandruff Killer Shampoo can be used on a daily basis.

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